Financial Deep-Data Expert

Core Concept
Deeply Mine Data with Significant Investment Advantages
Big Data Collected
Financial Statement, Trading Data, Announcements, Research Report, News, Industry Data, Other Data...
Real-Trading Verification
We Provide
All kinds of services around our Deep-Data
Investment Research Platform
Intelligent Investment App

Capirobo Investment Research Platform

The Capirobo Investment Research Platform conducts data presentation and interaction around a number of unique and effective investment models, and provides all-in-one solution to solve users’ investment problems: "What is going on in the market?", " Which industry is worth of attention?", "How do I trade?", " How to control my risk?".

Deep-Data Database

Deep-data is a series of data indicators which can predict the stock price, industry development and macro-evolution of companies, based on rigorous economic theories, financial models as well as screening, cleaning, transforming and synthesizing the basic data.

  • Industry valuation indicator
  • High frequency shift indicator
  • Change indicator of
    earnings expectation
  • Investment rating
    change indicator

Capirobo Strategy Development Platform

Capirobo Strategy Development Platform is a stable, efficient and secure quantitative trading software platform. On the platform, users can quickly develop strategies, back-test and optimize strategies, do real-time transactions and monitor execution.

Capirobo Intelligent Investment App

The App builds a series of quantitative investment strategies based on deep-data. Trading signals are pushed in real time so as to provide investment reference for the investors at the first time.


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